Employee Medical Scheme

Employee Medical Scheme

Employee is the most valuable asset of a company. Having a healthy body allows employees to perform well at work. An all-round medical scheme will not only increase employee loyalty, but also it can help inject new force to the company to sustain business competitiveness. We provide distinguished medical schemes addressing clients’ needs in every aspect.
We first have an in-depth discussion with clients to understand their needs prior to scheme design. Our employee medical schemes are tailor-made based on clients’ needs for medical benefit and budget requirements. With the aid of a mature management system and facilities, we are able to deliver convenient, reliable and quality medical services to scheme members.


Our employee medical scheme covers a wide variety of services such as out outpatient medical services, vaccinations, preventive care program, work injury assessment program etc. The scheme can be specially designed according to clients’ specific requests.


Outpatient Medical Services – include General Practitioners, specialists, physiotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine, diagnostics & imaging services, etc.


Vaccinations – are provided for infectious disease or virus prevention such as hepatitis, influenza, human papillomavirus (HPV), etc. On-site injection by our health consultants at designated location can be arranged upon request.


Preventive Care Program – helps both our corporate clients and their employees detect abnormal health conditions and prevent potential health risks at the early stage. Based on clients’ specific requirement, we provide different types of health check-up schemes such as pre-employment, executive health or annual health check-up, etc.


Work Injury Assessment Program – is of use if employees are injured at work unfortunately. The program includes injury assessment and post-assessment services such as follow-up consultation and treatment, rehabilitation progress report, etc.